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Fall in Love with your skin, by feeding/nourishing it, and watching it GLOW(grow;))...

Chances are most of us are already using some kind of moisturizer. We have spent the money and are praying for some kind of results... well, unless your moisturizer has live plant extracts, and live energy, the long-term glow-is a no go!! ...A nourishing cream that has Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Ylang-ylang-Lavender-Cypress-Thyme essential oils (live energetic extracts), and Wild guaiac wood oil, may be the solution to your Anti-Aging needs. What this combination does for you is impressive- hydration, protection from elements, soften, revitalize, anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen, relaxation, expedite healing, anti-infectious, antioxidant, and increases venous & lymphatic circulation...

How inspiring is this, to be able to give yourself daily!

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