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Ask Alex question of the day: " I'm on lockdown with a narcissist, how can I take care of myself so I don't feel sick and afraid every day?"

First, I would like to say, I have great compassion for your situation (having lived it). Having compassion for yourself is big. Understanding & awareness go along way to help identify what's yours (behaviors) to own, and what's not. There are many online resources for understanding, and thriving while in the midst (Melanie Tonia Evans).

Keeping a daily gratitude list, will help shift your energy to a positive place (it may immediately shift back to fear, sadness, anger, etc....), combining with a 4-1-4 breathing

exercise, will supply you with "moving meditations." Moving meditations become an important part of constant internal dialogue, while going about your daily activities. For example, time sitting in the car waiting for your kiddos to come out of school, can now become time for YOU to breathe, text friends how much they mean to you, journal, draw... Now for supporting your body with nutrients, start with Vitamin C, D, B12 (D, B12-liquid for better absorption since your body's already stressed). Also, grazing every 2 hours will help stabilize stress hormone levels. Juicing celery, eating apples, bananas, will help strengthen your core, keep your liver happy, and reduce fear. Perspective and choices are your valuable commodities.

, sit in silence and look at nature.

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