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Energy Cleansing, its time..!

Working from home, and stay-at-home orders, have raised the intensity of the need to cleanse the energy of heart and home. In the Midwest, we have had sporadic weather,

which has kept us indoors for months (2, feels like 6). Start with an epsom salts in the bath, or shower and scrub away the negative energy on your surface. Dissolve salt in water and spray all throughout your house, to cleanse the air. Himalayan salt lamps are a fun addition to any room ( keeping your animals away from licking). Making a line of salt along all exterior doors will also keep negative energy from crossing into your home. I also suggest doing the same to separate the threshold of office and home spaces. Burning sage and Palo santo, are also fun ancient rituals for cleansing energy-beware the smoke doesn't irritate lungs (or set off smoke alarms). Setting some powerful intentions while performing any of the above, will expedite positive changes.

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