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"Feeling like a caged animal, what can I do to have some peace?"

Join the club, we have millions of members! Humor and laughter are found to release

"feel-good" hormones, which increase immune cell defense, and infection fighting antibodies, while decreasing stress hormones. So laughter IS the best medicine.

Now that we have time to enjoy extended coffee hours, caffeine (in exaggerated amounts) could cause restlessness, and anxiety, so moderation is your friend.

Breathing 4-1-4 (in, hold, out) helps to take control back, and slow down the pace. Moderated, rhythmic breathing will slow heart rate, while helping to balance and circulate energy. Food- even though the Takis and soda are screaming your name, the more processed foods we eat, the more inflamed our body's become, this equation takes over:


If the Doritos are a must, balance them with organic veggies, fruits and NON-GMO's

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